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Hello world! Januari 20, 2008

Posted by finallywoken in Uncategorized.

Welcome to Indonesian Expatriates Forum – a forum designed to help all Indonesians living outside of our home country. Whether this is your first experience living overseas, you are a seasoned or a returned expat, or you are about to embark on your big adventure, we welcome you to share your experience and connect with other Indonesians living abroad here!



1. drt - Januari 24, 2008

Hi Anita,

Saw the idea in your other blog and I thought it was a great idea. I tried to post a comment there but it would only accept an anonymus post. While trying to work around, I ended up here instead.

I don’t think I may contribute anything now, but I will let the members of my Bolelebo mailing list — who are scattered across the globe to visit your site. Who knows some of them may contribute.

Keep up your good work. Oops, almost forgotten, salam kenal, Non. 😆

2. anitamckay - Januari 25, 2008

Hello drt, thanks alot for your help. Salam kenal juga 🙂

3. dita - Maret 26, 2008

hai Anita salam kenal. Great idea untuk bikin forum seperti ini :).

4. finallywoken - Maret 26, 2008

Hi Dita,
Thanks! Semoga kita semua bisa saling tukar cerita. Care to share?

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