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Looking For Contributors Around The World Januari 21, 2008

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Hello everyone,

You are probably wondering why I decide to start this forum.

When I moved to Scotland over 6 months a go, I was not well informed about the city’s what, who, where, when, and how. I had (still have) to work hard to find my own surroundings, build my own network, and find new friends. Yes, I start meeting new people and have found that there are at least 100 Indonesians living in Aberdeen. But this effort took months and I could say that I’ve found Indonesian fellows by accidents.

Feeling how hard it was to start a new life here in a foreign city with no one to turn to, I have tried to find Indonesian Expatriates Association, anywhere in the world, but couldn’t find any. There are several organizations dedicated to mixed-marriage couples, most of them are based in Indonesia, and mostly their mission is to share information and overcome any issues about the mix Indonesian and non-Indonesian marriage. There are many student associations, work’s outpost communities, and religious communities, but of course the membership would be solely, exclusively to their fellow friends.

Therefore I decided to start one. And I need help, big time, for all Indonesians living abroad. I’m looking for contributors, those who, together with me, would and could develop a comprehensive website which features all necessary information needed for Indonesian who live (or about to live) overseas.

So if you:

  1. are Indonesian
  2. are currently living in a foreign country, or have lived in one
  3. are student, partner, parent, volunteer, professional or simply are free spirit or traveler
  4. have similar forums, communities, or associations
  5. are keen to share your experience, have a lot of informations regarding your city or country
  6. love to write and love to help other fellow Indonesians

Please email me at finallywoken.blog@gmail.com for sharing more details. Mind you the blog has just been created yesterday, so there is nothing there, yet. English is chosen as the main language for greater exposures, and if your partner is non-Indonesian, s/he could contribute as well!

This article was posted on my another blog, and I have received 2 responses already from 2 ladies, one will be moving to the Philippines, and another one lives in New England, USA. Seems like we’re getting somewhere!

For those of you who could give me suggestions or information about Indonesians living abroad, please don’t hesitate to contact me at above email.

Wish me luck and see you at Indonesian Expat Forum!



1. Mangaranap - Januari 23, 2008

you might want to have a look at this:

Looks like you guys share the same idea, it’s probably a good thing if you guys join forces, isn’t it?


2. Mangaranap - Januari 23, 2008

Oops, sorry I’ve had my blonde moment. Apparently you’ve already left a comment in Bleu’s blog :-). You could just ignore my previous comment then :-p

3. a0z0ra - Januari 28, 2008

Hi, kaskus.us is pretty popular in USA.

4. Ari Tamat - Januari 29, 2008

Hello. Best of luck on your Forum.
There are quite a few expat Indonesians in Japan. O n Facebook, a few of us have organized a group called the Indonesian Community in Japan. We have 136 members so far (as of Jan. 29, 2008). Please see the link for more information.

5. adit - Januari 29, 2008

I think this is a great idea. Congrats! I hope this forum can add value to whoever reads it πŸ™‚

6. >Lisa - Januari 29, 2008

willing to contribute in any kind if i can πŸ™‚

7. bonnie2405 - Februari 2, 2008

Definitely love to help you. Let me know what exact details that you need. Who knows we can do something for this forum. We’re in the Netherlands πŸ™‚


8. Marisa - Februari 4, 2008

Oh shucks, I am not an expat.
I used to be though.. when I was just a kid. :mrgreen:

Anyways, since it’s open for college students as well, I’ll go spread the news to my homesick friends. They’ll love the idea.

Best wishes Anita and everyone!

9. Sushihunt - Februari 11, 2008

Hi there, good luck with the blog. Let me know if you need articles or tips on being an expat abroad. I have lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years, know a bit about finding a house/place, tax matters, how to get by, etc etc. But I’m moving to Sgp next month, and will start my adventure there.
Keep in touch.

10. anitamckay - Februari 11, 2008

Hello Bonnie and Sushihunt, I couldn’t find your emails so I couldn’t email you individually, but please do share your stories here, whatever you may have experienced. From finding exotic spices, having a blonde moment of wearing wrong outift (uhm, like me, hehe), learning their native language(s) etc. If you’re interested in becoming contributors as well, please send me email at finallywoken.blog@gmail.com so I could invite you guys.

Thanks for everybody who supports this idea. Cheers!

11. mementoes - Februari 12, 2008

Hi there! Cheers for the invite to join the forum… Seems like a sound idea for networking and info sharing. πŸ™‚

I wouldn’t mind sharing my experience living in England and being listed as a contributor, but I’d prefer staying somewhat anonymous – this refers to your comment on my blog that you need my real name.

That’s all from me at the moment. Good luck!

12. Lidia Sianturi - Februari 13, 2008

Hi Nit..sure if I can be of any help..I’ll be gladly doing it (but I’m not a good writer tho..)! and yes, you hv my permission dear…

13. nadia febina - Februari 16, 2008

anita.. kunjngan balasan nih. πŸ™‚ makasih for letting me know
gimana caranya ikut?

14. Sanity.Inc - Maret 25, 2008

Hi Anita,
Stumble accidently to this blog and love the idea! Would love to contribute if you don’t mind me remaining anonymous. I’ve been living in Perth, Australia for the past 1 year. Trotting happily as penniless student. Prior to that, I lived in Australia outback (a place that most oz never even heard of), Adelaide and Kuala Lumpur – all for work purpose. Blunders aplenty in being expat.
Good luck with this website.

15. rima - Maret 26, 2008

Hi.. this looks interesting, and I would love to help in any way I can. What is it exactly that you need from willing contributors such as myself?

You are welcome to check out my blog and see if there is anything you like, or if you have anything in mind for me to write based on my writing style etc.

16. finallywoken - Maret 26, 2008

Hi Rima,
Anything you can share about your experience living in a foreign country, how you handle differences, or tackle all obstacles, anything unique. You are welcome to post your old posting from your blog as well, just send it by email to finallywoken.blog@gmail.com.

Or you can share how you end up in a different side of the world in stories and interview section.

Thanks a lot, look forward to hearing your stories!

17. finallywoken - Maret 28, 2008

Hi Sanity,

Would love to know your experience of living in the outback, or your other globetrotting experiences! You could send your posts to my email and I’d publish them πŸ™‚

18. genechelle - Maret 31, 2008

Heya Anita!

I was trolling the Internet looking for some Indonesian restaurants/grocers in London, and somehow I came across your blog. πŸ™‚ I have to say, your idea is pretty fab!

I’ve been living in London for a year, before that I lived in Bournemouth as a student for another year. If I could contribute something, anything at all to your website, I’d be glad to! Best of luck!

19. finallywoken - Maret 31, 2008

@Genechelle: Excellent! Look forward to know your experience being an expat student in UK. You can check the stories & interview section to read others’ too. Cheers.

20. genechelle - Maret 31, 2008

@ Anita: Awesome! You are most welcome to check out my blog, it’s genechelle.wordpress.com. Somehow the link under my name on my first comment didn’t work 😦

21. genechelle - Maret 31, 2008

Edit: turns out it worked the second time, lol.

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