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Where is Scotland? Februari 26, 2008

Posted by finallywoken in Scotland.

This article was originally posted in Finally Woken on 14 October 2006.

Everywhere I go, when asked where I come from and I said Indonesia, I usually get another question: “Indonesia? Where is it?”. Doesn’t matter that we are one of the largest countries in the world, we have almost 14,000 islands and almost 400 languages, that we have the second biggest rain forest in the world (after Amazon), we must admit, Indonesia is so poorly advertise themselves people don’t know that we exist! Ok, most of them know Bali, but sadly they never have a clue that Bali is a just small part of Indonesia. Maybe now we are more famous because of the terrorist attack (ouch…) but compare to our neighbor who claims that they are “Truly Asia”, although they claim so many things that belong to Indonesians (i.e. satay, batik and tempe), we are far behind them.

So it’s funny to see that most of the people in Indonesia don’t know where Scotland is. The first time I met Stuart, when he said he’s from Scotland, I assumed it’s somewhere in UK. I was correct, but it’s just the same thing by saying Bali is Indonesia.

My dad was having fun of mocking him one night by saying he checked out the website and found out that Aberdeen is in…. Denmark! Poor Stuart spent 30 minutes to draw a UK map on a piece of paper to show him where Scotland is. Although my dad knows exactly where it is, he kept saying that Stuart is Danish, not Scottish.Ukmap Stuart provided his passport, but then on the passport it is said The Great Britain and Northern Ireland” so he then spent another 1 hour to explain what it means by The Great Britain, why there is an “and” on the sentence, the history of Ireland, and of course, must explain why Scotland is not mentioned at all!

If asked ‘Scotland? Where is it?”, Stuart usually answers by saying “You know Sir Alex Fergueson of Manchester United?” Guys usually nod and that would be the end of the discussion (I have no idea how you can connect Man-U with Scotland, just hope those guys don’t assume that Manchester is in Scotland!), but of course it doesn’t work with girls!

Well, since today is my last day in Scotland before going back to Jakarta, I’ve found a map that shows the location of Aberdeen, the city of 250,000 people and Scotland’s third largest city, where I’ve been staying during holiday. It’s not in Denmark, of course! As long as you have an idea where United Kingdom is, it’s easy to figure out where Scotland is located.Edinburgh2_8

Edinburgh has its famous castle where last year had an event to celebrate the new movie of Harry Potter (aha! Now it becomes more clear to you? Good). We visited it last year and I instantly fell in love with it. We went back again to the castle this year, and I still held my breath to see an outstanding grand building before me.

Inverness is the location of the famous monster, Nessie, at Loch Ness. Although Yolanda says that Loch Ness (Lake Ness) is not as beautiful as Lake Toba in North Sumatera (I believe you, darling!), I found the lake is intriguingly mysterious, since the water is dark black, very deep (230m!) and its length reaches 36 km. I didn’t meet Nessie, I guess probably it was too scared to show up….

Chivas Scotland is also famous for its whisky, and they have so many brands and types of whisky, and Chivas Regal is probably the most common Scottish whisky that Indonesians know. I personally don’t like the drink, but we visited the Glenfiddich distillery and it’s fascinating to see the process of making their whisky. In their gallery they provide a program that can record our message and picture thru a webcam and send it by email to anyone we want. I made my best dance and sent it to my dad’s email address, to show him off that I visited the distillery (days later I found the email was bounced back with message from the operator: suspected spam. Ouch!)

Anyway, hopefully now you know precisely where Scotland is. If you are more curious, you could visit Scotland website.

That makes me wonder, does Indonesia have such official website? We definitely need one!!



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