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Embracing the Foreign Food Culture Maret 31, 2008

Posted by finallywoken in Being Expat.

Imagine the first you arrived in a foreign land, you didn’t know where to go to get food, everything looks strange, and in some cases, you don’t understand the language! What did you do? Either heading towards Chinese restaurants, or fast food chains. Right? (lebih…)


Driving in a Foreign Country Maret 28, 2008

Posted by finallywoken in Being Expat.
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Ok. I have to admit. I had my first driving license in Indonesia when I was 17. I should have been 18, so yes I cheated a little bit. On age part. But then I didn’t take the test. That’s a big cheating. Just like most of people, I was suckered into the corrupted system, just pay and go home. Bam, new driving license.

When I lived in Sydney, I did not have to drive. First, the campus was only 5 minutes walk. And second, hmm, don’t really need one, really. I actually did a long drive in New Zealand, from Christchurch to Queenstown. It was lovely and quiet, we drove on the same side of the road as in Indonesia, so there was no problem of adjusting.

But now I live in UK, I have to have a UK driving license, after a year living here. (lebih…)