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Philippine Visa – On Arrival April 9, 2008

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Not that I am an expert on Philippine or anything, but it is the only country I am exposed to right now. I really hate beareaucratic platform of foreign relation and immigration relation. They are really not my favourite kind of people, seriously. I shuddered whenever I think of what I and D (my husband) go through each month when he was living here in Medan with me. Anyway, that is another story for another time.

I was off to the Philippine feeling very confident that I would not need visa of anykind. Well, guess again. The visa on arrival is indeed free but only lasted for 21 days. So I needed a Visa Waiver that would entitled me to stay for 59 days for PHP 3,030 (around USD 75). The waiver can be obtained in any travel agencies or local rep of Bureau of Immigration. You just need to fill up two forms and they will stamp the passport for you. Very easy, the whole process took me less than 15 minutes to complete. I would say the country is very friendly to people who want to stay longer there.

Now I am back in the country to work on the spouse visa which has to be picked up outside of the country. Again, another story for another time.



1. Cris - Mei 13, 2008

Wow, this is really something…My friend came with us in the Philippines and didn’t have any of these just got a stamped of 30 days I think…But my question is why do they complicate things…I think it happens in every country…I am actually having problems myself as well..I am working here in Jakarta and will be leaving in a couple of days, the company surrendered my docs to immigration and just now they told me that I have to pay 1 juta?!!!! Crazy right? hehehe…just happened to stumble in your blog while searching for answers…I added you in my blogroll… 🙂

2. andiesummerkiss - Mei 13, 2008

If you want to stay only 30 days, visa on arrival is the right way to go. I was staying for 35 days. So, a visa waiver is needed. But Philippines is much friendlier to long-staying guests .. unlike SOME countries we know. 😛

3. Lola - September 10, 2008

I am a fan of the Philippines. I have been visiting the country but only for a maximum 2 weeks each time. At the end of this year my husband and I plan to stay longer there to find out more of this beautiful country with very friendly people. As I tried to find out about visa requirements from the Philippine embassy in Jakarta, the officers gave me clear guidance and even told me that I could immediately ask for a visa extension on my arrival in Manila. I wish our immigration officers here and embassy attaches abroad were as friendly as those Filipinos.

4. peter gunning - September 19, 2008

hi there im peter I live in uk… can you please tell me… I am going to manila on 1st october to leave on 20th of october…. I may apply on arival for an extention to 59 days…… my return ticket will state that my origonal flight return is 20th october will this stop me from obtaining an extention from 21 days to 59 days?
im confused as to how I should arrange my flight details

thanks peter

5. peter gunning - September 19, 2008

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