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Working in Riyadh April 29, 2008

Posted by finallywoken in Being Expat.

My friend in Surabaya is thinking about taking a job that will relocate him to Riyadh. It’s a daring and scary move, and my friend is looking for some more information about Saudi Arabia in general and Riyadh in particular. Basic stuffs from the living cost, the daily living activities, the rumours that there are many rules applied in everyday’s life, etc. He has been trying to email the Indonesian Embassy staffs in Riyadh but has not got any responds yet…

If you know someone who now is living and working in Riyadh, kindly please drop email to pixeldyne@yahoo.com.

Thank you, folks!



1. bleu - April 30, 2008

There may be some people currently live in Riyadh in the Indonesia Global Network mailing list: IndonesiaGlobalNetwork@yahoogroups.com.

Alternatively, members of the Indonesia Global Network in LinkedIn may help. The network includes those who live in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

I’ve put on the links on one of my posts: (a href=”http://bleu-blog.blogspot.com/2008/02/joining-indonesia-global-network.html”>here and here.

I hope it helps.

2. bleu - April 30, 2008

Geez, typo… the other link is this.

3. ahmad - April 30, 2008

i am ahmad from Bandung. now, i am working in riyadh as TKI. Riyadh is a capital of Saudi Arabia. we know, saudi arabia is a country where sharia is a basis of rule in daily life. religion is something important here. unlike in Indonesia, the people who are walking in the street is very seldom. only cars and cars. i think it is due to unfriendly climate (extreme hot and extreme cold).
for this time, one real is equivalent with about 2400 rupiah Indonesia.
the woman should wear abaya, local dress from all woman, saudi or non saudi. because there is muthawaa (sharia police) who control people action, including dressing in woman.
it is very dangerous for woman to walk alone in the street, because it is potential to be the victim of kidnapping by some people here. there are many cases about that.
i think that’s all what i can write here.
sorry if my english is not good since i am still learning.

4. bonnie2405 - Mei 5, 2008

Hi there,

One of my senior now is living in Riyadh. she has a blog called Simply Our Story. http://bundavanrafi.blogs.friendster.com/

Perhaps…her story can help you..


5. finallywoken - Mei 7, 2008

Bonnie, sorry your comment was caught by akismet and was just released today. Thanks. Cheers!

6. Abdulmalek - September 17, 2008

I’m saudi and I live in Riyadh ..

I’m ready to give him all what he wants to ask about ..



7. edi - Maret 21, 2009


I am Edi in Jakarta. I got a job offered from a company in Riyadh as Senior Manager.
I need details info about living cost in Riyadh ( Rental fee, meals, transportation, medical , home furniture etc). Thus, I need info the salary range for senior manager in riyadh ( middle east).

My email edi_pur@yahoo.com



8. altman - April 15, 2009

Hi anybody,

I got job offer from Riyadh Saudi, would like to know more on living cost (acccomodation, grocery, transport, etc) and school fee. I have 3 kids and wife. How much min. salary to have a decent life in Riyadh?

My email: cockpit_0512@yahoo.com


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