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Indonesian Expatriates Dot Com Will Be On, Very Soon September 8, 2008

Posted by finallywoken in Being Expat.

Dear all,

It’s been a quite long time since our last post. Not that we have abandoned this site, but because both Andie and I are ‘cooking’ and preparing the new website for us. At the same time both of us have moved to our new houses (a.k.a blogs) respectively and have been busy tidying up and developing them. So we sincerely apologise for long delay.

The new website is still under construction and we will let you know when we are ready to receive guests – you’d be the first to know!

SUGGESTIONS (email to finallywoken.blog[at]gmail.com)

We have pretty much big picture what we are going to put there, but it’s no harm to ask you, our loyal readers, what sort of information you would like us to find, or what kind of information you would like to share in between readers. Let’s say you think that finding a good local Asian grocery stores is important, you could let us know. Or you think we need to find information about the cheapest ticket to go back to Indonesia. Or anything you can think of. Please do not hesitate to email me at admin[at]finally-woken.com.

COUNTRIES FACTS, NEED YOUR HELP (email to finallywoken.blog[at]gmail.com)

On the previous post Andie has asked us to help her to gather all countries data. Since then we have got quite good responses from all of you, willing to help us out. Apologise for not responding quickly enough but in general here is what we need:

  • Country: [pick the country you want to brief]
  • Location:  [Asia, Africa, Europe, etc.]
  • Government: [republic, kingdom, etc]
  • Language: [i.e. Indonesian (official) 70%, Javanese 20%, English 5%]
  • Religions: [i.e. Islam 70%, Catholic 30%)
  • Ethnic Groups:
  • Number of Indonesian living in the country: […] people
  • Indonesian Embassy: [address]
  • Indonesian Consulate: [address]
  • Indonesian Association: [i.e. student groups, religious communities, etc.]
  • Indonesian Communities: [ book clubs, ‘arisan’, luncheon, etc.]

Please email the information above to me at admin[at]finally-woken.com. Your help is very much appreciated.


Regarding the new website, below are quite important information for you to know in advance:

  • We will close this wordpress blog as soon as the new website is running
  • We will move all posts to the new website – however we still don’t know whether we could move the comments as well.
  • If you have ever submitted your post(s) here and would not want us to re-post them in the new website, please let us know. Otherwise we assume it is okay for us to republish your submitted post to the new website.
  • To all of you whose blogs are registered here, please re-register in our new website. In it you will be asked for more information before you are able to list your blog.
  • Those who just submitted their blogs, we apologise that we can’t list them now. Please wait until the new website is open so you can resubmit your blog.

The reason why you would have to register individually, is because we have many features there, not only blog list. We can’t reveal too much here, but we assure you that if all of use participate and contribute actively in the new website, all of us will find many benefits from it.

We are sooo excited that finally this new website will be running very soon. We know you are too. So, see you very soon, in a new house!

Love from granite city,

Finally Woken



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2. domba garut! - September 10, 2008

Great! this is one great tools to reconnect all of us..
Keep up the great work and kindly inform if any help needed.. Hugs from West Africa.

3. AbidinArundale - September 23, 2008


Can’t wait…just can’t wait till the Indonesian Expatriates Dot Com to be oficially ON AIR. I’m sure we are all hoping this will reunite all the Indonesians abroad, and will be sharing informations and life experiences.

Best wishes from
Guiseley, Leeds UK

4. nila tanzil - September 24, 2008

what a great news!!!
can’t wait to see the new house! 😉

kisses from singapore xxx

5. M - September 25, 2008

mba, i have returned to Indo..not sure till when and amel (From amellie.net) have moved to the Netherlands.

thanks for ur kindness in managing this blog ya…

6. rima fauzi - Oktober 1, 2008

kapan siapnya site yg baru nit?

btw, blog link gue ganti dong ke yg baru (ya gak baru sih, but you know what I mean lah) http://rimafauzi.com/blogs

Thanks babes!

7. Fida Abbott - Oktober 13, 2008

Hi Anita,

I posted a comment for “Expat Tells All” and the final editing I just have posted at

Just in case, maybe you would like to forward to the new upcoming Indonesian Expatriates Forum’s Blog.

Have nice day!

8. Caralluma - Juli 23, 2009

Nice touches on your writing. Is English your primary language (if you don’t mind me asking).

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