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Expat Blog

Here are the blogs of Indonesians who are currently living overseas, or have lived abroad. If you know other blogs which fit into this criteria, please let us know.



1. ecky - Januari 28, 2008


Here is other blog of Indonesians living abroad check it out maybe they want to be your contributor as well:



2. sakuralady - Februari 1, 2008

Hello, could you count me in? πŸ™‚
It’s mixture of English, Indonesian and little Japanese though..
http://sakuralady.wordpress.com. in tokyo, Japan.
Thank you and see you around..

3. anitamckay - Februari 5, 2008

@Willy: already listed your blog.

@Ecky: Anne’s blog has already listed. Still awaiting Caranita & Fitri’s approval.

4. therry - Februari 10, 2008

There is also this female Indonesian backpacker who is currently studying in the Phillippines and she has her own traveling blog which has been published into a book.

its http://naked-traveler.blogspot.com/


5. mulia - Februari 17, 2008

woow..most of us are women, coincidence because mba carmen is a woman or what?
but i simply like the idea of indonesian being away from their country. kinda brave πŸ™‚

6. finallywoken - Februari 17, 2008


I wonder that too. I have contacted (very few) several male bloggers but no response. If anyone knows male expat bloggers please let me know, to balance this out πŸ™‚

7. mulia - Februari 17, 2008

mba, i just remember:


a good friend of mine, living in Berlin already for three years. she has many links to the male and female expats in germany in her blog.

8. hon3sty - Februari 18, 2008

Hey Carmen,

Many thanks indeed for letting me know bout this.
I would love to join it surely!!

Thanks to Mulia

= Honesty Yanwirsal

9. mulia - Februari 20, 2008

mba i help u promote the blog. hehe

10. Anita - Februari 23, 2008

Thanks a lot Mulia. How’s Norway? Aberdeen has been cold this weekend:(

11. mulia - Februari 25, 2008

i’m in Galway now. Yesterday was in Dublin..saw many guys wearing skirt..eh i mean kilt?? jadi inget mba..hehe. Your man wears that too? :d

12. Anita - Februari 26, 2008

@Mulia: only in special occasions. Remember, true Scots wear kilt with nothing underneath – so hope for big wind to blow their skirt, eh, kilt, right up!

13. Fitri Mohan - Februari 28, 2008

hallo anita, monggo monggo kalau mau nge-link. aku link balik blog ini ya. thanks. πŸ™‚

14. dita - Maret 26, 2008

here’s our blog : Pinot&Dita : http://pinodita.blogspot.com.
Currently living in Kuwait :).

15. rima - Maret 26, 2008

tadi udah post juga utk kontribusi, but i guess disini juga appropriate. silahkan di link. πŸ™‚

16. finallywoken - Maret 28, 2008

Hi Dita & Rima,
Your blogs are listed now. Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

17. the writer - April 3, 2008

Well, it’s either Kastrup or Copenhagen. It does not really matter though, Kastrup Lufthavn = Copenhagen Airport πŸ™‚


18. finallywoken - April 3, 2008

@The Writer, I copied it from your blogger’s profile πŸ™‚

19. Is There Any Indonesian Expat Male Bloggers Out There? « Indonesian Expatriates Forum - April 3, 2008

[…] Expat Blog […]

20. Indah Susanti - April 3, 2008

Hello Anita & Andie,

Nice idea. Is it possible to include Indonesian photobloggers who live aboard?

Sincerely I am not a good writer but know how to use my camera!

Mine is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/indahs/

My Indonesian friend who is now focusing on music live perfomance & concert in the Netherlands:


thanks in advance! good luck too!

Indah @ Rotterdam

21. parvita - April 5, 2008

Anita, interesting page here! Although I wonder if I fit in here because I am currently not an expatriate…

22. yuki tobing - April 9, 2008

Off course I will permit you Mbak Anita, hehe. πŸ˜€

23. finallywoken - April 9, 2008

@Parvita: you have had lived abroad, and that counts!

@Yuki Tobing: already listed. Thanks a lot. Hope you enjoy Budapest!

24. Beni Bevly - April 9, 2008

Thank you for the offer, Anita. Feel free to link my blog on this list. Best wishes.

25. Andy - April 22, 2008

Hello…I guess I’m one of the rare species here..hehe..a male blogger. Expat..hmm..not so sure if that’s the right description of me as I’m a local hire here in Tokyo..hehe. Anyway..it would be great if my blog could be listed here as well (I’ll put yours on mine too)


Thanks and nice initiative!


26. wildan - April 22, 2008

Permisi mbak anita, mau join dong boleh ga..? tp bahasa inggrisnya masih little2 i can? πŸ˜€
I’ll do my best deh kalo dibolehin..
Thanks be4.

27. finallywoken - April 24, 2008

@Wildan, what’s your blog address?

28. Jen - Mei 7, 2008

Anita, Beni Bevly is also in San Francisco, with me. πŸ™‚

29. Jen - Mei 7, 2008

Two more ya, they are my friends here in USA:

Mutiara Andalas in Berkeley, California

Muhamad Ali in Riverside, California

30. finallywoken - Mei 7, 2008

Mbak Jen, thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

31. Jen - Mei 8, 2008

One more, my friend Thomas Hardjono, PhD at http://www.hardjono.net. He is here in San Mateo, California, close to me.

32. finallywoken - Mei 9, 2008

Thanks again mbak Jen. All of your friends are DR!

@Indah Susanti: sorry I’ve missed your comment, and just realized that I hadn’t added your blog and your friend’s to the list until yesterday. Please accept my apology.

33. Jen - Mei 9, 2008

Two more PhD-to-bes:
Both are in Boston, Massachusetts.

34. Jen - Mei 9, 2008

Anita, kok nggak nongol? Arrested by akismet. Help.

35. Jen - Mei 9, 2008
36. finallywoken - Mei 9, 2008

Yes mbak Jen, two of your comments out of three were captured by akismet. Just released them. Thanks for more blogs info. Have a good weekend!

37. Fida Abbott - Mei 10, 2008

Dear Anita,

Sory for the lately visit. So many things to do as my duties in several spots, he,he….

Well, today I have explore your expatriate Blog more detail and this is my first comment I write here after my last first visit.

By the way, would you check the link of my Blog on the side of this Blog at SUB: EXPATS IN AMERIca? Cause the link doesn’t go to my own link at http://www.fidaabbott.blogspot.com but to other link. Thank you so much.

Have great spring!!!

38. verypurpleperson - Mei 11, 2008

Helo Anita, thank you for considering my blog.
But for some personal reason, I’d rather not have my blog to be included here.
Nice place, by the way πŸ™‚


39. finallywoken - Mei 11, 2008

Hello Fida, sorry, it’s the result of copy and paste – and I forgot to change the link :). The link is correct now. Enjoy spring too!

40. finallywoken - Mei 11, 2008

@Verypurpleperson: very well then. I have removed the link to your blog. Have a good weekend.

41. retno - Mei 16, 2008

ItΒ΄s Ok! you can put my blog in your link

42. Ayin - Mei 16, 2008

monggo mbak kalo mo di link.. saya udah link balik. Thanks ya… have nice weekend

43. Himawan Nugroho - Mei 29, 2008

Hi, just discovered this blog. I used to live in Dubai for 5 years and now living mobile in Asia Pacific, mostly in South East Asia countries due to the nature of my job. A consultant by day, a backpacker by night. A pioneer. A dreamer, a traveler, a blogger. Get paid in Singapore, hometown in Bandung, never stay in one place for more than 2 weeks. Currently in Bangkok and browsing this site to try to make contact with someone like me.
Blog: http://brokenpipes.blogspot.com, and
http://himawan.blogsome.com (native)

44. yuki tobing - Mei 30, 2008

Mbak Anita, I am leaving Budapest in May 31st and will return to Tokyo in August/September. πŸ˜€

45. chris - Mei 30, 2008

mbak, i’ll be in Aberdeen next week. how was the weather, so i can prepare myself ? πŸ™‚ and is there any recomended shopping place πŸ˜‰ yeaaahh.. woman. i will stay in a hostel in Queen’s Road.

46. finallywoken - Mei 30, 2008

Hi Chris. Even though it’s summer, it’s best to prepare some layers (i.e. light jumpers/cardigan), and coats. Hats, gloves and scarves are not needed now. About shopping, Union Street (walk straight from Queens Road) is the place.

Why don’t you let me know when you’re here so I can show you around?

47. chrisibiastika - Mei 31, 2008

wow. yeah. many thanks. i guess union street is not too far from queen’s road. i wish we could meet somewhere, but unfortunately i’ll have my 5 days there with student society from company where i’m doing internship now 😦 but i have few hours free in saturday morning, the last day of my trip. probably we still able to meet? πŸ˜€

48. Widi - Juni 3, 2008

Good idea, but is this limited to blogspot & wordpress bloggers?

49. finallywoken - Juni 3, 2008

@Widi: no Widi, it’s limited to Indonesians who:
– are going to live abroad
– are currently living in foreign countries
– have lived abroad and returned back to Indonesia

50. finallywoken - Juni 3, 2008

@Chris: sure thing just let me know. Email me at finallywoken.blog@gmail.com. Have fun in (cold gray) Aberdeen πŸ˜€

51. dwi willimann - Juni 5, 2008

Hi mbak,

I would like to join with this Indonesian Expat community. I am at the moment living in Bangkok, Thailand .



52. Andie Summerkiss - Juni 27, 2008


You are added. Thanks for visiting.

53. andrew - Agustus 23, 2008

hi – here’s another one:
tika in new york city.

54. blogrolling - September 4, 2008
55. blogrolling - September 4, 2008

ups lupa, rumahlinda.blogspot.com itu punya expat indo di singapore

56. nila tanzil - September 24, 2008

dear mbak anita, would u please add me in:

i currently live and work in singapore πŸ™‚

cheers! xxx

57. yuki tobing - Oktober 3, 2008

Mbak Anita, I’ve left Budapest and currently residing in Tokyo, haha. πŸ˜€

58. Mutiara Andalas - November 18, 2008

Although my name looks like female name, I am male. So count me as a male blogger.

59. Adeline - November 27, 2008

Hi all… I’m in Manchester, England. Good to see many Indon expats are writing their experiences… Nice to meet you all..

60. Himawan Nugroho - Desember 2, 2008

Okay, after been living “nomaden” for 2 years in APAC, keep moving from one hotel room to another, finally I got my UAE visa back. So I’ll be moving my base station to Dubai this month. Meanwhile, I have started traveling back and forth between Bandung and Europe. Currently in Bratislava, Slovakia until mid December. Cheers, Himawan.
Founder of http://brokenpipes.blogspot.com, and
http://himawan.blogsome.com (in bahasa)

61. Adhiguna Mahendra - Desember 5, 2008

Hello saya saat ini bermukim dan bekerja di Perancis. Nice to know all Indonesian expats. Oh ya pak Peter Pramono (ppramono.multiply.com/) juga expat di Perancis.



62. Rie21 - Desember 19, 2008

Hmm. . . Nice Site. . . Cungratulation

63. elly.s - Desember 23, 2008

hi all…
pyuh… very happy to find this site!
may I Join?
But my blog is in Indonesia mostly…
coz my English is “abal-abal” hehehehehe…

64. chriscarol - September 19, 2009

Wah baru nemu nih blog…salut deh ternyata banyak tu expat indo di luar wehehehe.. iya nih kok banyak ceweknya ya? cowoknya pada males nulis blog kali. Kali di linkedin si banyak tuh πŸ™‚
Salam kenal saya lg sekolah di NL en will join Singapore office soon so will be glad to connect with any member live in SG.


65. Caroline - September 20, 2009

Guess I’m a newbie in blog thing, got a little lost on using blog link, snapshot etc. See if it works πŸ™‚
I’m currently doing my MBA in the The Netherlands and will join Singapore office pretty soon. I’m not a faithful bloggers but it’s always nice to connect with Indonesian bloggers with similiar experience.


66. hody kusuma - September 21, 2009

gimana caranya joint ????

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