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Looking For Contributors Around The World Januari 21, 2008

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Hello everyone,

You are probably wondering why I decide to start this forum.

When I moved to Scotland over 6 months a go, I was not well informed about the city’s what, who, where, when, and how. I had (still have) to work hard to find my own surroundings, build my own network, and find new friends. Yes, I start meeting new people and have found that there are at least 100 Indonesians living in Aberdeen. But this effort took months and I could say that I’ve found Indonesian fellows by accidents.

Feeling how hard it was to start a new life here in a foreign city with no one to turn to, I have tried to find Indonesian Expatriates Association, anywhere in the world, but couldn’t find any. There are several organizations dedicated to mixed-marriage couples, most of them are based in Indonesia, and mostly their mission is to share information and overcome any issues about the mix Indonesian and non-Indonesian marriage. There are many student associations, work’s outpost communities, and religious communities, but of course the membership would be solely, exclusively to their fellow friends.